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I then reported the case to the society and proceeded to the
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lunatic has the life strangled out of him ; but those who with
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41. — But there is no ground, in cases of multiple
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must of necessity press upon the stonmoli during each
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happened. And in a recent case, it seemed impossible
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membranes of these passages. Even in the bronchi such absorption is
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pulse, and other symptoms, exclusive of the somnolence, which belong to the
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pubic spine, uniting it again to the inner border of the horizontal ramus.
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med.. Par., 1889, ii, 1457-1460.- Vohtz (J. C.) FireTilfrt;lde
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lible; in 4 of our cases a most careful examination failed to reveal
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slightly stained, the offensiveness was attributed not to any retention of pus, but rather to
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Preparation in the operating-room. The sterilizer. Sterilization of
fatigue the fibres remaining undestroyed ; he particularly insisted on the
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Pres., Jared P. Kirtland, M. D. ; 1st Vice Pres., Sher-
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ad ^jf inch thick, twelve trichinae, which would give, in round
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the after-birth cannot of itself originate the disease ; because
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tion of new areas takes place through the lymphatic
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did well, though two of the cases were severe and prolonged. The
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tinguishes only the parasites of quartan, tertian, and tropic fever. He shows that
enigmatical, that in many cases diseases above or below one of the
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tory endorser, to David Peirce, Esq., Treasurer of the Institution. Board may always be obtained in
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indulge the hope that the observations which follow will be verified by those
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in decreasing numbers, with many links missing from our chain
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with rapid extravasation of fecal matter and shock as one of the conditions for
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it must be placed on a better footing. Medical officers must
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is shown by the walls of buildings for several feet above the
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fat-melting establishments, graveyards, market-houses, stables,
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Surgical Treatment of Gastroesphageal Refux Disease; Info: David Rossing, MD 331-3490.