The injury to the internal table was much more exten-
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sufficiency, the cannula was pushed in the aorta down
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stage of the disease could I entirely free myself from the
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disappears rapidly with no permanent effects other than
Scope of the term Medicine — Use of the term in contradistinction to Surgery and
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or it will become too soft. If tiiis occurs a dryer will
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charging the duties of the physicians and surgeons. It is
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diminution of the quantity of milk secreted for a more or less
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In estimating the value of vaccination, it is very important to keep in
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not find that a single muscle situated below the knees was
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in a space representing the breadth of the transversal diameter of the
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disturbances, as in heart-disease, blood states, as in anaemia, unemia, and
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caused reduction of the temperature and disappearance of the
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This peculiar state, which is known as aspermatism, I include among
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was some nausea with vomiting one time, pulse 128, tempei'a-
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the intelligent physician should not be hampered by strict
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source of bias in the study. Although we have not carried out
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sively with a disease common to man and animals which
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Plaster of Paris applied to the leg, thigh, and pelvis ; limb and
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in a considerable seaport town, and as having been struck by
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perforation. Just above this last, there are seen two longitudinal rents, an
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Division of Liverpool in the Liberal cause. He fought a hard
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grave will the disease be, as a rule.— _/?«r«tf/ de Mede-
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expend anything on carrying out preventive measures with
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canula, through the glans, above its groove, along the
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form of curves. It is of considerable interest to note in Chart III
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surgical cases. Patients admitted at any hours of the day or night but as a
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the reports in the medical journals and in hearing them
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to which the French have applied the term " Iruit de diable."
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sponge or the cold bath or tubbing, as in the Brand treatment of typhoid
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"The left lung is voluminous. Most of the surface is covered by old fibrous
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the amount of deterioration produced in the air by ordinary modes of
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had measles^ scarlatina, and scarlatinal dropsy ; the latter when
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In : Essays on pb.ysiologv and hygiene. 8°. Phila.,
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frequent when there was a cause for exacerbation. The seat of
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magistrates on the Monday morning, they ordered it to be destroyed.
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a certain extent. Could tell the shapes of different objects-
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lost its original vigorous organization, but is still working for the promotion
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lum around the bit of stick which was moved in it. Under
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