unusual sensitiveness of her foot, she has not been able to bear th?
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The polynuclear leucocyte of the rabbit whose granules are
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Haut Rhine, on the 6th of March, 1818. He came of a Jewish family, and began
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America Benjamin Bush, of Philadelphia (1745-1815),
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may occur wherever tlie obstruction in the colon may be ; the
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portant infection for which we must condemn the rat. Stiles terms him
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serum potassium level in a small group of healthy volun-
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protein plays an important role. A nutritional assessment is a
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which reaches down the tibia about one-third its length, and is
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neath and tying them in place with strips of bandage
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the difference consists in the epidemic and fatal character attached to the
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in a galvanometer. Secondly, if the electrodes be applied to the skin without
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Pneumonia and various other diseases in order to illustrate the chemistry, pathologT.
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providing that care. This is the way we can make Arkansas and
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Philadelphia. Med. News, Phila., 1892, Ixi, 589-592. Also,
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cine, that M. Charriere was the first artist in Europe in his own specialty."
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more particularly. In the cylindrical cases the findings are less
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laise, there is always vomiting and diarrliifii. the appetite
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wliich breathe by means of lungs, it is double, or in other words, has two
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an American, and more essentially a New York, idea.
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systematic and prolonged tamponing had undoubtedly cured
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We can either stop the bleeding in other ways or if we
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sclerosis of the lateral columns) is a late symptom. The disease, though
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tion of the lungs, 2 — marasmus, 1 — old age, 1 — paralysis, 2 — disease of the spine, 1 — disease of the stomach,
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pendant la r6cente 6pid6mie de fievre typhoide. Bull.
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Prof. McWeeney showed blood films of this rare condition.
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phic phenomena and those of sensibility. The conscious sensibility
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for death. He bade farewell to all those whom he loved."
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with lantern slides, photographs, and remarks . . . 259
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3. Occasional drinkers, fifty-nine years and two months.
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ber and October 1920, he was a patient in an infirmary where
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"Volunteer Accident Fund" will be forwarded on application
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Sir : — For a long time the cumulative action of digi-
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Senate of the United States, and no longer, unless the
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muscle, nerve, and integration — related to the upper arm
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V. Bldd. This was an action to recover i':21, for fees,
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one-sixth of a grain at frequent intervals. To prevent the attacks, when
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