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grm. (V^to 30 gr.). Slight symptoms of intoxication, such as head-

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Hasson, a. B., Surobon.— Died March xo, XB77, at Fott

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(SGOT (AST). SGPT (ALT), or alkaline phosphatase), occurred in some patients

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felt ill, head ached, and he vomited several times.

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I *Also Certified By The American Board of Otolaryngology

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of my theory. In brief, Mr. G., a young man aged 23, never

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765,943. Process of Making a Substitute for Cod Liver Oil, Karl F. ToUner, Brcroco.

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of lime with which it is loaded. The head is now free, attaches

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trouble. The patient lost comparatively little blood, hut the

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92. — Fisher (H. M.) Tj'phoid fever complicated by

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severe ataxo -adynamic cases, but cases of perforation supervening in the

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environment which produces rickets, or hypertrophied

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Herrington, J. L , Jr. : Hiatal hernia with esophagitis ;

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Symptoms. — The attack is often preceded by malaise, rest-

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(9) Asepsis is the backbone of modern surgery, yet it is the most

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the Vice-President shall preside, and in the absence of both these officers,

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ber for about a quarter of an hour before fixation) ; Fig, 43, Round body issuing

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Microscopically, the hepatic cells are altered in shape and devoid of nudn;

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this is by no means the simplest task of the treat-

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dition of physical deterioration he then found himself. The clinical history

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