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it's oily mucilaginous quality, it foftensand lubricates
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corresponding reduction in the carbonic acid. This only occurs in the terminal
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orders in the human body. Sir John Pringle lays ve-
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encysted form (Fig. 49) with the food, the coverings are dissolved by the
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over the perineum, the body is held almost upright. Supra pubic pressure
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therefore, should be in bed, internal examination should be avoided and
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are recommended for pulmonary tuberculosis. Patients with laryngeal tuber-
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beef, tongue, and rabbit, a ptomaine of bacterial origin probably underlies
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but may be removed without interrupting the ntiir; Star i TaTd C^""''
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have been observed by other writers. It is to be noted that during the time
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continuously circulating through it. The serous membrane of the sac has
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grains in solution flavoured with liquorice, is often useful.
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The enlargement is most obvious in the glands which are most easily
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With the erythema of the pharynx there is usually dryness of the fauces,
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vessels become gradually blocked. Tuberculous growths have been met
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should lie on blankets, and be lightly covered with blankets only. No
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mortality, and the presence of a special bacterium in the alvine dis-
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cipal objed, with the ufe of fuch applications as will
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forms of alcohol, may similarly set up an intestinal catarrh. Many
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were observed) gratifying results were obtained in the great majority
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Pathology, — Space forbids me enumerating all the bacteria that may
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Brompton Hospital. Cancer is not very commonly met with among the
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food : it will be right likewife to give about four
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the help of surgery, is still very large ; but a great part of this mortality is
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Infrequent changes of the artificial eye cause the socket formerly