* See section on limitations for explanation of this low figure.

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loss of cells in the left hemisphere through degeneration. The grip

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and neck a Uttle to the left of the median line and spreading out

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to be embraced all which are characterized by S3'mptoms denoting great

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try, 38,021 cases were contained in the official returns to the Surgeon-

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that they are pursued by wild beasts or by men who seek their lives. A

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should be efficiently protected, in cold or variable climates, by flannel or

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beciles. Del mismo modo, en el cerebelo del viejo se observa

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surements of the semidiameters of the papilla) In different

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ts liable especially to be overlooked in 3^oung children, even when it is not

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imal phalanx of the thumb, was intimately united to the corres-

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in the lower extremities, and his head was so much affected, that

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weight of the organ from disease, to relaxation of the abdominal walls

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in some cases, etc. Dr. Stone, of New Orleans, sa3's, the only treatment

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saline particles, nor does it yet appear how the latter are distri-

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flammation such as peritonitis or pneumonitis. The fibrin of the blood

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that is, cases in which the cutaneous efflorescence is wanting. It must be

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stance in powder, for example aloes. This diminution of taste is due to

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into the peritoneal cavity. The history of the case was noted at the time

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late Valentine Mott, and the patient was comparatively free from suffering

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lights of different degrees of brightness, although the pupil

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becomes retracted and rigid, and the respiratory movements of the chest

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good, not onl3^ by removing needless apprehensions, Init in the way of

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view ajjpears strengthened when we consider, tliat at the early

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power, and on this account is seldom able to produce a

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toms occur in Great Britain, where post mortem investigations

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The course of the nerve strands in the septum was followed to

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petrosal nerve is present, and the entire absence in all my series

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pentine, given by the mouth, is supposed to relieve this symptom. Tur-

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emotions ma}^ be real, but morbidly excited or in morbid excess. On the

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brane, thereby masking the visual rods and cones. At the right of the figure

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the bromide of potassium, if the latter be not well borne by the stomach,

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Both of the upper extremities were normally formed as far

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off of the penis is performed, surgeons seem very much unsettled.

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— A remarkable case of this description is recorded in the Gaz.

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they are of a different nature in all these distinct cases. Indeed

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studied ninety-seven series of normal fish brains in the different methods,

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in the head, or there may be freedom from any ailment.

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