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>► 73% of Wisconsin residents support a $1 per pack cigarette fee increase. 4
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Associate Editors:— R. L. Gibbon. M. D., Charlotte, N. C; W. O. Nisbet, M. D.. Charlotte, N. CLi
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ored member of the medical profession. Now, we believe, there
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Of his more private virtues — his qualities as husband and parent, much
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and therefore N/10 and N/20 solutions were used in the actual experiments.
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providing medical manpower for small communities (i.e., to
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initial paroxysm ; in one, a drunkard with large fatty liver had pyrexia
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paralysis of the motor or third division. Bilateral paralysis of the motor por-
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for simple and for strangulated hernia, etc. In the author's own clinique,
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autumn of 1897, considerably over thirty deaths have been re-
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noid fluid. There were many large superficial cerebral veins.
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But the experimental investigations which I have carried out prove
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migraine, always on the third day of menstruation ; also has nighl
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XV, no, 1,1; no. 2,1. AUo : Arch. f. Ophth., Berl., 1884, xxx,
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10 in thickness. At the upper end there is some thickening of the capsule.
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