rhal ulcers, which have such a strong tendency to perforate the bowel,

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of two firm bands, an inch wide, buttoned about the

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to breathe deeply and quietly, the com- them that the expression "injurious renal

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mechanical conditions, and proceed from new substances formed

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torn out cf the cornu of the uterus, leaving no vestige

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tween the termination of the discharge and its recurrence was twenty-eight days

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of the organ, without valvular disease or valvular inadequacy, save that

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posterior sur&ce of the uterus or tumors in its posterior wall, cause

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anxiety and fatigue ; but it was soon found that the bleeding

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causing undue moisture, it, too, becomes an evil. We de-

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the most frequent of this class of lesions. Even the clavicle is not so

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the best, as simple endocarditis may be attended with the formation of ulcers,

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rest. The summer of temperate zones indicates a less proportion than

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garded as the product of a dyscratio pustulous inflammation of the

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comminuted and immersed in alcohql or boiling water, within the space of ten

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with sixty-four practical cures. In seven cases the

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We must think of that unknown agency which exercises this force and gives

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the second division, became at last so notorious, that many fe-

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tate the locus of epileptic seizures. A videodensitoraetric technique was used

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Little, Albert H., 349 W. 23d St., Xew York, Xew York Co.

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attempted by the late Mr. Oline, the eminent surgeon, but of course

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being now 23 years old. If he should desire to become M.B.

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deeper space, on the contrary, is in immediate connexion with

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should be given in large quantities every hour; and at

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It seems natural that overspecialization in medical practice

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physicians, dentists, pharmacists, optometrists, po-

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suffering patient. But if the letter of Dr. Spalding be en-

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as arrowroot, oat-meal gruel, etc., or, in the weak, beef-tea. No

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Most of the reported cases of rumination (in all the

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determine if any drug has been taken which might produce it.

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mals living at high altitudes would be found to have a greater

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called mutual companies, and accident insurance offered as

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Whole number of deaths In Boston for the week ending April 19, 19.

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118. Congenital Shoulder Dislocations. — The causes and