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resembling in some respects the true diphtheria bacillus of Loeffler,
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has an agreeable odour and a slightly bitter and aromatic taste. It
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parasites are found as fine fusiform bodies, about 10 to 20 ix m length,
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It was stated in evidence, by one of the medical gentlemen, that if strychnia
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deep tissues. Then finally the child is called upon to stretch as
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besides three-fourths of an ounce of salt and one gram
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to get the nerve between the poles, as in the cheek or nose, I introduce
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This paper was further discussed by Drs. W. R. Mon-
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mind unclouded by noxious dishes, .... but we cannot continue
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cystic duct, and common hepatic duct, 27; in the common hepatic duct,
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considered by the mother not only extraordinary, but even
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the benefits of that best of fortunes — a good educa-
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twelve hours. A trial of the dead culture was also made
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say of a man who had his aneurism cured by it, that he had
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in England, prefer that with the double curve. Men are very
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(5) Progressive Conditions. — These are overgrov^^ths, cysts, and new
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caustic than we wish. If the ulcer is of a mild type, the dress-
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already intimated, the regular auscultatory signs of pleu-
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ix, 272-275. — BiiIhou (A. E.) Errors of lefraction as an
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injury, was expressly dilacerated afresh. While in-
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ventricles, already distended with the blood transmitted to them from
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It is generally recognized that the occurrence of hemorrhage
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cramps have lasted for twenty-four hours, no movements occur after death ;
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conducted an “Open House” recently to celebrate their
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The illuminating mirror is larger (from 3 to 12 inches in dia-
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occurrence. It is encounterctl in pleurisy under the i'(jll(juin«:: conditions:
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The viscera were t-.xposcd for ten minutes. Inocula-
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name of sherry) to wash it all down with. Moreover, I