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culatory stimulant in collapse, heart failure, and poisoning

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of the sternum no murmur is heard, but two feeble sounds. A strong'

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Heart and Blood Vessels. — Chloral in large doses depres-

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ing the particles over the mouth. When the substance reaches the

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to inhibit the formation of glycogen in the liver in some

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whole population ; among the whites, one in 558 ; the colored, one in

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tages and disadvantages, wliich must be carefully weighed before

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places even, compelled to endure all the chances and discomforts of

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distant objects. In all these and yet other respects, tiny have

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fillen with a more crushing weiglit. But rising above the pardonable

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drug is poisonous to the lower forms of animal life. One

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local, medication to horses in inflammatory troubles of the

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T . .. ,i at an earlier stage and that the constitution of the patient offers then

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are most worthy objects of interest and care to an enlightened com-

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Zurich, but rare in liasle, where in 38 years only 3 cases were ob-

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acetatis), diuretics (potassium nitrate), and bitters (quinine).

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pericarditis. Blood tension is lowered by withdrawal of

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centres, and those more recently developed in the process

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surface greyish-green; both surfaces whitish punctate;

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lessens suppuration, although carbolic acid in oil possesses

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to ask him for some account of his case, which he gives in the follow-

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quite as well to the author's opinion in p'lation to the cause of Lupus,

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on pressure at the ejiiirastrium a very sensitive spot was detected,

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remedies for inflammation, or eradicated by caustics or the knife ?

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Journals Received.— Ohio Medical and Surgical Jounial, May, 1863. — American Medi-

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extreme caution necessary in manual or operative interference dur-

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below the boiling point of water, we use the water bath,

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records of the Metlical Board of the Mass, General Hospital, which

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those in charge. These cases I brought to the notice of the Sur-

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ash, locally and internally. Subsequently he had stimulants and