spinal system becomes early involved. What the changes are that produce

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lary cancer it is often so much enlarged as to fill the abdominal cavity. In

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daily in the open air, and all mental and physical exertion should be avoided.

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pulse continues rapid and feeble. There is anorexia and progressive ex-

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organ is larger, softer, and more tender than normal. In the second stage

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nutrition is desirable, the yolk of eggs may be beaten up and added to the

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or at the pulmonic orifice, having its maximum intensity at the xiphoid

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In addition to these changes, the dilated and hypertrophied left auricle

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hypodermically, warm baths, and the application of hot poultices to the

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middle coat at some points, and dilated at others. Dilatation may take

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purpose. Catgut has the advantage over the sutures before mentioned

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had bad treatment. An enormous amount of callus will be thrown out,

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The vessels of the pancreas and the cells of the acini may exhibit amy-

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true skin cod tains the tips of the nerves and capillary tufts, these are

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hepatic cancer may run its entire course without pain, without jaundice^

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over the epigastrium or liver, followed by warm anodyne poultices, will

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contained in the arteries may be even less than normal. The kidneys are

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discovery of ptomaines by Gautier, and the experiments made by inocu-

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In abscess, the inflammation is more severe. Traumatic aneurysm,

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cases and the results carefully watched. Digitalis is of doubtful efficacy ;

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cell elements tend to infiltrate the surrounding tissues, so

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freely it supplies an abundance of liquid, which acts to some extent as a

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