In cases where doubt arises as to whether the mastoid operation

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marked tenderness over the spinous processes of the third,

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tant to avoid alcohol, fats, and oils, as thymol is soluble in these sub-

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Some have stated that since the use of sublimate they

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plastin time, Ca = calcium, fdp = fibrinogen degradation product,

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cold, give him a quart for first dose, then in quantities to keep

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sane and responsible men, and potent enough to justify an

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gastric symptoms. In women also with well marked gastroptosis no

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was fully as active as the freshly prepared standard at the end of


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Yet the fact of the " spontaneous evolution " of a living

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except to such an extent as may be due to the anastomosis

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sumption, will also produce this aflfection. Formerly it

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1893, he was able to sit up in the bed, having his head

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tion; that this substance seems to have the power to resist this

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principles of treatment of inflamed mucous membranes may be applied

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Of 216 patients Avith chorea, observed in Guy's Hospital, 187 were

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perfectly healthy, but the aoitii was atheromatous.

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illnesses that throw him on his back than the possible

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1887, 7. s., iv, 565. . De ratt6nuatlon spontan6e de

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so far as the production of an acute form of hog cholera is con-

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solution which corresponds fairly closely to the phosphoric acid content of normal

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clinical picture. In the rare cases in which the obstruction becomes com-

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ZymenoL promptly overcomes the irritating watery stool of

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her and did not nourish the child, she had to discontinue

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The former dispensary believed that a good test for

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cated in all cases of cholelithiasis. Many people have

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tion of about 5,000 volumes of medical journals, and

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increases the width of the image does not widen out at all. Note that some

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" First. ' Olga ' (No. 6), thirty-one days after first contact.

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proliferation of the connective tissue, whereby the muscular elements

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difficult patient I have had the head leaning back on a rest

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519, an increase of $61,620 over those of 1915. Dur-

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children's hospital and had an operation done (evidently a tenotomy

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kept at absolute rest during the process of healing.

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much the aj^pearance as if a tape was around it. The calil»re of the

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had to get up more than once, and he had gained back

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is readily seen. Axillary, brachial and radial arteries can be

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52-58. — Bissard (A.) Les illusions binnculaires. Rev.

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rara) newspaper; Jan. 18, 1824, and which, as comprising every

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yellow peril should overtake them. Great councils are called to-

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—By B. G. A. MoYNiHAN, M.S., F.R.C.S. W. B. Saunders

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Times went on merrily enough in Old Aberdeen as far as profes-

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stance^ is present in the stomach ; secondly, that it is always acid;

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