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in detail his methods of preparation and study, Kiihnemann ("Monats-

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that neither the body nor any portion of the body is allowed to

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posed to agree that, when we find rapid respiration, dyspnea, rapid

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compression by an insufficiently large sella turcica

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half inch in diameter ; treated by radium (strength not given,

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the rabbits were bled from the heart, about 40 c c of blood being-

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rule, that this ligature had got to come away ; could

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lated with the inferior head of the thigh bone, in the same manner as the ulna

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observations you must by a process of reasoning draw your

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the disturbance of the nervous function by the local disease,

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The bacilli of anthrax are to be found in all parts of the body,

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evidently been a clot which had undergone liquefaction. The hemor-

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and cyrtophoric progression, a peristrophic or turbinal or rotative

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radium. For this reason a greater interest centered

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time the patient coughs he feels like one stretched upon the rack ; at

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with early postoperative lower leg pain. Our feeling is that

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and medical officers received it with the respect due to

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carbolic water, pyrethrum powder, or similar insecti-

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that appears as a calcium salt. It is a white powder,

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their surroundings. After the illness rest and quiet in the country or by

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Without anticipating the decision of the Council, the Committee believe that

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or tenderness of abdomen ; skin is moist and natural ; and, on the whole, has