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(2) The abortiTe form has a sudden onset, and is often marked by fits of

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Panas, M., on cachectic or so-called syphilitic keratitis 169

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acter, and also microscopically. Quite a pin-thrust was neces-

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cases unless we treat the uterus as a pus cavity and drain it.

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1833 Dr. Edward Seguin, a pupil of Itard and Esquirol, began the private

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patient, is a safe, efficient and prompt heart stimulant in chloroform

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dermic vesicle. (7) There then appears upon the out-

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edges, which are so common in wire cuts. I have found this an

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fessor exhorted us to tread softly amongst the phy-

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good all the time. He persisted in being at work up

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the disease did not bring with it the offensive dis-

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Arcularius, Lewis, 121 E. 25th St., New Y'ork, New Y''ork Co.

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is apt to be assumed by a person of weak vocal power in his attempt

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sections of tumors involving the skull base. The age

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which the ovaries at this period of life may be exposed." — Med.

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In shade- highest(Wed.itTh.) 64.5 degs.; lowest (Mon.) 42.2 degs.

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ry one who is a lover of dogs, and consequently has

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was shown with a section of normal fa^tal tliyroid for comparison and

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ranged from 100.4° to 98.6°, and the pulse from 99 to

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severe cases, while even in mild types of the disease an alimentary

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Society has appointed two delegates to represent them In this

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begins when it is evident that iil)8orption of the exuderl matter is going on,

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out the heart of one of the most dreaded of mysteries,

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firm handshake and eyes that looked directly at you in conversa-

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preceding years, in some to the minimum and the maximum fatality

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Osteopathy," at Kirksville, Mo., had in 1900 a faculty of 14

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tality of typhoid fever at least twenty per cent ; a result which

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