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whom the respiratory exchanges are normal and those in whom

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the flatness extends higher at some than at other points. Moreover, the

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extension of its scientific uses. Mr. Horsley pointed out that the

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eases, such as cerebral anssmia, consequent upon long-lasting, exhausting-

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are sometimes present. (2) In the brachial type, which is more common,

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means easy to determine. It appeared to me, however, on making a

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an evasive answer but a statement that she had not had any return of

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tity, it is for the most part productive of stimulating

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reaction of the muscle itself to the constant current is not obtained.

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that the Br number is the expression of free HBr not drained or dia-

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which is to be compared to the reactions obtained by Krehl. It seems

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neither of which have come down to our time. Mr. Isaac

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of the shoulder-joint I have seen the whole forearm and hand swollen,

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tubercles, which are the distinguishing feature of this class of cases, may

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which was done to remedy a compound luxation in which the lower extremities

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They were not removed and fixed with reference to the staining of the neuroglia

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cial attention should be drawn to the fact that these flagellated

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relief of compression signs, but no permanent benefit. Quincke, Ziemssen,

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she deceived Dr. Galbraith. The points in the case most interesting to me are

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the surrounding elements) to oppose the vital force. The moment

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