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rapidly diminishes, and sometimes the patient is unable to move
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(1968-74). But most of his career was in the Department of
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experimentation. Produce a cantharic blister about the size of a dollar
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pint of water) or a solution of aloes in water (one-half ounce to the
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has never weighed more than one hundred and fifty pounds,
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pheric infusoria (so to speak) may rapidly congregate, or vivify,
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1, 53.5. — Courmont (P.) Recherche du bacille d Eberth
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and bronchitis. Cold-blooded animals and dogs are immune. Bou-
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talks indistinctly and his statements cannot be relied on ; says that since
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Henry H. Smith, M. D., Professor of Surgery, University of
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the lens is not due merely to the presence of sugar, though this must,
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the London Hospital during five years. Only those suffering-
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tic shock, and in one of the animals a large wheal developed on intra-
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velopment foreign to or beneath our interests. Let us cure
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pulse has high significance. The ostium being small and the ventricle
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subject to [meat] inspection, at the final clearance such content is found
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thorough antiseptic precaution, the surgeon approaches
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more than males, is noticed by this gentleman ; they become by
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culture will survive many weeks. A rough experiment showed that
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able quantities. She has put on flesh, and has greatly improved in
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A Yearly Digest of Scientific Progress and Authoritative Opinion in all