and purification; diseases produced by impure water,
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or, more correctly speaking, a collection of scien-
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considered as serious, being merely "perityphlitis."
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time between meals may be lengthened to two hours and a half,
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to the light of an electric arc, the plate was subsequently
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is at best unsettling; at worst, it makes every patient a poten-
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electrode containing a moistened sponge is held in one of the patient's
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Despite therapeutic and pharmacologic advances ; de-
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gard to the operation itself I used again the cross-incision three
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portance of attending to this spinal tenderness in cases of hysteria, &c.
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88. The Prendent shall preside at the Annual and Special General Meetings
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of aiiiuinl heiit, or deftTveacence, is Rometimes rapid, but in morf ra*«
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The dread of lacerating the periosteum has led to the precept
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"When meal is over, lie on the left side for half an
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the Wisconsin health community, which increases the
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chronic respiratory conditions, because it gives the patient relief from
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ciated with insanity, with disease of the brain, spi-
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tion not unfrequently gives important aid in diagnosis. In none of the
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military service whatever, unless by consent of the Directors endorsed on the
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disease in utero more frequently than ever before. The
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and cow's milk. The modified milk supplied to these in-
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The latter are employed in the lithic acid diathesis,
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the accident, she lost all power in the left lower extremity, which re-