Stools preternaturally dark, although they indicate biliary action,
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parts of the body, the dense fibrous tissue in a scar tends to
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sweetish and bitter material, Picromel, besides several minor principles,
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used injections, which indeed were not omitted under any course
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Besides which, the vaccinated spot should be kept hot, and a slight irri-
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con sumption. The fo 1 1 o w i n g j u d ici ou s re mar k s s h ow t hat t he author i s
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cessive doses of sugar of lead sometimes purged profusely, and in
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til about three years ago, when Dr. Graves' Clinical Lectures, first
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none the less keep up the urethral inflammation, and bring
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flow readily along the groove, and trickle down the patient's
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on the lacuna, f. 91 r°. : vide exemplar: | Impressa ubi | invenias quae hie | desiderantur ; and
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general military hospital of Chatham, England, it appears demonstra-
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inclining a little purple.'' In the duodenum there have been inva-
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On the fly-leaf is this title, apparently in William Hunter's handwriting: "Of
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Session 3: Making Healthy C/m/j^es/ Educator's Guide
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DES I HOMMES | ET FkMMES | TOM * I * [Vol. II.]. Cent. XVIII.
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Without obtruding upon the reader a critical examination of
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trical stimulation. In spinal cases, that is the tabic form, or
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Transylvania University, and late Professor of Materia Medica
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shaped patches, in a condition similar to those which have just
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edge he has no imaginable use; he believes in a pathological unity
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From the time of Laennec, a large number of observations
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Ends (3, 6 [f. '30'] r°. col. b, line 33): pars mellis fiat sirupus.
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as far back between the jaws as I could, turning it as much as
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In every case, as soon as the disease has fully manifested itself, bron-
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the Hunterian Museum, University of Glasgow. By John H. Teacher, M.B. Glasgow: James