Dr. Paul Williamson of Andalusia, Alabama. Dr. Wil-
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F. E. Clay, Westminster Hospital ; T, G. D. Cooper, Queen's
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the severe cholera visitation in 1837. He won the esteem
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of a portable siren, a mere word of command, and, wlien tlie
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2. Influences occurring outside the body delay, and even
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to him his release was but "deatli being swallowed up in
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first some grimaces, followed by movements of the tongue and
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Surgeon-Lieutenant A. H. Fowler, 1st Essex Artillery (Eastern
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previously made by Bouchard. Dr. Blachstein prepared
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of valuable works on public health and vital statistics.
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Professor Ch. Baeumler, M.D.] (Freiburg. 1892. Pp.33.)—
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December J ast were equal to an annual rate oi :.'». 7 per 1,000 of the popu-
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ningham, M.D., was appointed additional Examiner in Humau Anatomy,
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The result obtained on all these animals being absolutely
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and Howie took part in the discussion ; and the President
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eligible by any three members, may be elected a member by
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population " nearer the initial period of these maladies, and
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officers of the Local Government Board, should be placed in
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would take the trouble to liave the extracts made for him
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on January 5th. Some further cases have since been re-
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unexampled activity which is now prevailing in every
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exclusively in Dundee, and t-oraprise the chairs of anatomy andi
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extended to cancers of the most varied kinds, and to some
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versity, and that there should be but one university, in
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tary Association of Japan to visit Osaka, for the purpose
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advised almost the same operation as that advocated by Mr.
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diac region of the stomach. In the lower part of the oesopha-
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lation, estimated at 4,26:;, iW in the middle of last year. In the corre-
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UNIVERSITY OF GLASGOW.-Assistant Examiner in Zoology. Salary,
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springing eternal in the human breast, buoys other men up
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fast, did you not send for Dr. (mentioning my name), he lives so
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1Q4, under the title of " In re B (an alleged lunatic). " It appears from
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serum ; rendering the serum more alkaline diminished its
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conditions of rapid, almost instantaneous, unconsciousness,
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the average, and were equal to an annual rate of 5.S per 1,000.
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proved by chemical examination to consist of urates. The
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standard tubes are to be prepared for the inoculation of the
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rosive sublimate solution, nor of the operation of expression
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dry, and unperspiring, and feeling hard and even horny in
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Aberdeen. He then proceeded to the Arts Classes of Aber-
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plugs of wax; in 5, infiltration of the drum ; in 6, tympanic
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Clark, L.R.C.P.ct S.Edin. : M. O. Coleman, M.D.Aberd.,
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lialf an inch by nearly a quarter of an inch ; it showed two lymph fol-
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another M.D. degree in London, by one of two methods,