million particles of dust to the cubic meter. It is little wonder that
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Dr. Bailey concerning the use of antiseptics, I would say that sulphur is one
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the increase in the cost of publishing and the greater convenience
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culum it was provided that homeopathic candidates who took their primary and interme-
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friend, Benjamin Mullen, whose loss by death we had to deplore
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cisely those which have been found frequently in the vaginal
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ther consideration, however, the thought was suggested that
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vi-ere regarded as entities, and before the advent of modern
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by the ingestion of food. The daily variation in the
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I will not review the accomplishments of the many other
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as in rabies; or by passage through animals, as in smallpox (cowpox) ;
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school of anatomy were also located in Philadelphia.
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or meningitis in patients suffering from pneumonia. In the case of menin-
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Messrs. Ferris & Co. have arranged to supply powders ready prepared
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great difficulty it almost immediately returned to its
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The eggs and larvae of the Anthomyiidae are found in vegetables and salads.
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endocarditis, or when what is called fibrine has been deposited
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tain cases, and therefore the result is disappointing to them, and
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ing in order that any reading can be taken at all ; the " Im-
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consequences of organic troubles. Leaving such cases out of considera-
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yiith. the appearance of fatty molecules and corpora amylacea, atroi^y of
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be diflicult to determine, but it is at least conceivable
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Government has enforced a system of inspection of all cattle,
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in all the cases. Accordingly, the oats, among which chemical
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The M'VMachu<«etts General Hospital is open without fee to Students attending the Lectures of the
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Dr. F. P. KiNNicuTT, of Xew York, related a case which
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gradual, and that of toxicology has been fashionably
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he had once assisted a well-known surgeon, who found
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shoots of the protoplasmic tracts produce a delicate reticu-
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coming on in spasms or paroxysms. Whenever he tried to lie
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I localized abscess all recovered after suitable drainage.
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Anemia, oligemia, oligochromemia, or oligocythemia is present in all
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and the peritoneum. The the time is now ripe for forming a definite opin-
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Spontaneous pain — that is, pain indopcMident of move-
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the State of Connecticut Department of Health Services,
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recent views as to the secretory function of tbe ciliary
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the crural region and corresponding roughly to the posterior third,
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refer to a case in which uterine haemorrhage depending on this cause
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syphilitic infection; some animals were in excellent physical condition,
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Mr. Marsh dweUs more especially on the pressure caused by
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one other, and made new appointments in their places. Soon after a suit
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Negotiations with civilian hospitals having failed, the Committee
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have already established themselves in the better class of
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The question of town or country habitation or of indoor or outdoor
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eliminated by the kidney, such as cantharides, turpentine, copaiba, phos-
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was consultant in therapeutic radiology, the Mayo Clinic,