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extension reflexes appeared. For example, sudden dorsi-flexion of the foot
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October 11. General condition satisfactory. Temperature now running
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tionship is one whose solution will probably not be definitely
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a mercury vapour quartz lamp. In man an exposure for some minutes
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A. Intrinsic, that is, conditions acting directly through the
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disease, for if the energies of the system are raised by it, the re-
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hospital until he was discharged with the curious label ' bacillose peritoneale '.
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5 years and over 4 ( 2.7) 1 ( 2.0) 10 ( 7.2) 9 ( 8.8)
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of 1.4 gm. salvarsan was given in six intravenous injections and five intra-
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Dr. Howard: Of all the theories as to the pathogenesis of bronchi-
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Dr. Jos. L. Miller: There are not a few such cases as these reported
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the volumes of oxygen in incoming air corresponding to 100 volumes of
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The sputum is very copious. It is greenish-yellow in color, is fetid, and
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auscultation. Bluhdorn considers that cyanosis and attacks of asphyxia are
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cases we find that there is a vacant area in some portion of the
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Thjotta, Th., and Avery, O. T. Studies on bacterial nutrition. II.
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tory surface. Against this theory are two facts: (1) Bronchi-
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the age of seventy-five years, had three normal children living
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which is relieved by food, as well as when in the recumbent position.
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not stain by Pappenheim's panchrom and Unna's haemalum and safranin
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formula: small lymphocytes, 81 per cent.; large mononuclears-, 6
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serum from a case of toxic exophthalmic goitre, and the reverse,
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Stivelman, B. (2). Induced pneumothorax in the treatment of pulmonary
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1. Must a deficiency be created for the successful grafting of
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degeneration and disintegration of the nuclei, many of which have disappeared
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portion of these operations (163 out of the 189) concerned the reproductive
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bly, while others ended in phthisis pulmonalis, and proved that
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none of the 8 cases with outward displacement of the apex-beat after the
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cent. bad. The average mortality for both operations was 5 per cent. He
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haemophilic blood is to be found in the thrombokinase. Sahli in particular
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122 xorthrup: miliary tuberculosis of lungs and skin
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The authors then review the various forms of osteotomy, linear and cunei-
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an atonic muscle shows the defects described, then synergy in simple and
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that took place on the third night, that for three succeeding
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bring forward any systematic evidence. The diminution may be
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