parts of the large intestine may occur which produce acute flexures,

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Past president of both the Virginia Orthopaedic Soci-

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fever, 2— apoplexy, 1 — flu, 1— drowned, 1— painter's colic, 1— teething, 1.

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17.5 per cent, of the female, 23.3 per cent, of the male, and 21.23 per

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ate cost, it will be a great benefit to a large number of

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is suddenly increasing, or that a foreign body (coprolith) is super-

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During Stay in Hospital and after Operation. Urine, 5 to 50 ounces;

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The Chairman, Dr. Johnson, continuing, said : This bill is now on

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President's Address. — He said that no formal address

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The phrase lobular pneumonitis might, with propriety, be applied to the

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1 1 . The Renewal of Life ; Clinical Lectures, Illustrative of the Restora-

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disease is unilateral. The entire lung is usually involved. It frequently

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painful, and impotence may follow from the inability of the semen

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Last year, Dr. Ascherson informed me that he had seen a case of

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