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King's College, 1'30 p.m. — Charing Cross, 2 p.m. —
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ital. de biol , Turin, 1896-7, xxvi, 253-278. — Bran<l«-n>
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cure erysipelas, as well as eczema and hemorrhoids. A case of erysipelas of the face,
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and muscular attachments. Nevertheless the carious portion
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bacillus. The relation between influenza and appendicitis has in recent
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26th. Maher complains to-day of pain in the venous trunks
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enclaves dans les os de laface. Bull. Acad, de m6d., I'ai .,
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>y such ignorance for effecting much good among our fellow beings.—
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solution (standard) ; Fig. 2, benzoic acid, 0.02 per cent, nineteen days old.
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quent and efficient cures of constipation, when the bowels act but once in two or
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Washed Soot, 3iv. ; Cinnamon water, 3 viij. ; Alcohol, 3iv. To be