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may injure the renal epithelium. Imbert-Gourbeyre, Delpech, Eabond,
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condition. Direct physical examination discloses a palpable tumor in
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shown any bichloride contamination ; but with tritu-
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almanacs, all of which he stowed away after the manner of our literary
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fore leg of the opossum. The foot was turned inwards, and the toes w r ere
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the aetiology of the disease, but contents himself with the quo-
In the year 1888, Professor Naunyn published a ver\'
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Case 1. — A. B., set. 23, was admitted under my care as an
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the passage of such bill provided the Legislative Committee
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I would not, however, condemn the general adoption of
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138 The Relation of the Medical Profession to Education. W. D.
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3. Winkelstein W, Wiley JA, Padian NS, et al: The San Francisco
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for a time at least, those habits may override all climatic law.
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This volume includes 6,825 author-titles, representing 2,695 volumes and 5,957
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cent ; in malarial patients this fluorescence is considerably
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mass, the fixed adherent appendix and band will exaggerate the noi>
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greatly under the use of this drug that he was able to go
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of the London Lancet relates the following remarkable circumstance :
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antagonists have almost invariably neglected to notice, when
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best developed in animals killed two or three weeks after inoculation with bacilli
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Hepatic, arising from some obstruction to the circulation of the blood through
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by Dr. Major Greenwood, using the method of least squares. This line
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elements have not been previously exhausted and rendered
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the function of movement. They are sometimes temporary, and have a
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von den Iranniatisclien Epitlield .<;tcii. Denl.sclie Ztsclir.
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the joint was traction. The ambulatory brace should remove the weight of the
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burgh' has shown subsequently by animal experimentation that the vasomotor
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interesting article written by him, on " Life and Death in Our
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of war ; a wretched repetition of what came after the war of
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active the reparative forces already in ex- nervation or deficient blood supply. 4. In-
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est care is taken to prevent the entrance of air into the
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disease itself has essentially changed in its terrible
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We must not base the prognosis on hospital results, because most hospital
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condition. In those very rare cases in which the abscess ruptures
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might be said that perhaps neurasthenia is diagnosed differently
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missed — Sims Woodhead, and the British Royal Com-
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process is repeated until the cavity is closed. From the
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*Eason: Edinburgh Med. Journ., 1906, vol. xix, p. 43; Journ. of Path, and
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