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lieved by Opium in doses of a grain, a quarter of a grain of Morphine, or

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the navicular bone against the distal radial styloid

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teen grains to the ounce. If the desired effect is not produced, he in-

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Controlled or uncontrolled. In: FrohlichED, ed. Preventive Aspects

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under a charter granted by His Majesty, King (Jeorge III,

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pint of water) or a solution of aloes in water (one-half ounce to the


Teeth. The condition and the time of appearance of the first

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the opinion that there could be traced to tuberculous milk

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understood Dr. "Wilson to suggest that it was possibly syringomyelia, extending

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nitric acid will produce or cure salivation and ulceration of the

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19 of this series, and is most frequent during the second and third week.

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midal fibres from the anterior pyramid crossing the median lino

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which upper belly of the supernumerary muscle was split, and

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focal necroses did not vary from the normal average of 24 per cent.

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visit and then charge for mileage, because I would never get any thing.

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junctivitis or ulceration of the cornea, or that a bone

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question are chiefly considered. The field is surely large,

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differentiate, for in many purely functional disturbances casts may be detected.

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all the skill and attainment known to the profession. The law-

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Compt.-rend. Cong, internat. de m6d. 1897, Mosc, 1898, vi.

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Atresia is either congenital or acquired. The congenital

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Arsenic is not a normal constituent of the body. Under no circumstances

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any modification. — Medical Times and Ga- j of phenomena and their causes are needed

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he himself was using free as well as pedunculated flaps.