Watson, Boerhaave, Pitcairn, Swift, and Sir Hans Sloane — these and
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rior wall of the cervix and uterus up to and, if necessary, beyond the
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of the curriculum, coupled with the relegation of the final
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countenance ; the pulse is often frequent and full ; the skin
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from typhoid fever for seven, twelve, fifteen, sixteen, nineteen, and twenty-
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limited, in its prevalence in particular sections, to a circumscribed area.
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The Coming Role of the Medical Profession in the Sci-
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hairs cannot be clipped, the ova maj' be destroyed and removed by a
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important contribution to the library of the primary
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Incision. — A case of this kind, under the care of Mr. Atchley,
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either in the form of the pure oil or as an emulsion. Petroleum is
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years and not confirmed by a definite reference to recorded
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region. Bowels are constipated. Medicinal treatment
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other results, for a knowledge of which we are indebted to mi-
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the same amount of coagulated egg albumin in three hours, and a
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muscles which are not contractured. I have in a long
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the institution, is a desideratum that every large civilized com-
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University, Pattee Library, University Park, PA 16802-1805
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amulet is defined as a kind of medicament, hung about
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this, physiological students, as builders of ideas, should join their forces
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public, though it is strictly accurate. The Doctor states that
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system of medicine, so-called, which is absolutely incapable
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the acts of Medical officers are called in question. Xo quarter,
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of the greatest discoveries of the world, and without
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of the influenza epidemic in Chicago in an occupational group of the
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dosage has been insufficient to define the signs of this condition.
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the cases which render the operation needful will suffociie
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of the spinal column. These causes induce torpidity in the functions
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active delirium of typhus, in imitation of Dr. Graves. But he does not
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"The left lung is voluminous. Most of the surface is covered by old fibrous
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operation should be performed, if possible, without any inter-
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In order to reduce the hourly variations in the blood counts the
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we shall not apply the term chancre, according to the usage of nxvt
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well after operation. Raehel (10), speaking of malignant
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rights and privileges as a Fellow are forfeited, for viola-
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Bilateral Lumbar Abscess. — Dr. J. K. Young, of Phila-