tion of stimulating measures directed to increase the

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Gmelin, 1790; Hexathyridium venarum Treutler, 1793.

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were made more economically — 384 pounds grain and 299 pounds

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some mind which can expiscate the truth presented to it from these

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cates with the rectum, there is, of course, no diflSculty in diagnosis and

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for red blotches which followed any slight stimulation

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specific fevers, discoloration to cyanosis of the skin of the white

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• vena cava such pressure as to cause ascites as well as distension of the

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his memory, to his virtues, to his failings. It must be admitted that

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accused discharged." The Inspector then says, it is evident I can

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Where fathers incline to alcohol, mothers are addicted to tea or

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of a serpent, in his wife's embraces,"^ The ability to

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malaise, dry tongue, and even slight delirium, but no distinct rash ; may

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Symptoms. — Fever ; pain (occasionally absent) at and radiating

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the cellular space between the folds of the broad ligament being

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or list of illustrations. The work is divided into live parts, dealing

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the only wise course for physicians is to send their patients without specific

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pulmonary area in various diseases are often propagated with

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William Bean, aged 12, Avas admitted into the hospital,

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turpentine, mustard plaisters or blisters. Blisters especially have been

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or knife — I always prefer scissors." The wound is

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cerebral revulsion. The success of teachers has been found to be propor-

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Of this circumstance, Shakspeare, whose observations, drawn from

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is more common in males, especially in hospitals, from which most

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gynecological, genito-urinary and thoracic surgery.

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lung, both in front and behind, signs of softening ; large rales, dry and moist crackling

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may use such a phrase, rather than by exhaustion from over-stimulation.

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normal relations between the cortical and medullary

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desquamation occurring in measles, even in the scarlatiniform variety.

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jaw. In a case that I observed several years ago, not only some spasm of

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here fitted with bunks as on shipboard, in which the

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ment of pediatric patients with spinal cord tumors, there

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considered, chiefly for the purpose of inviting your attention