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elaboration. Nor do these observations as they now stand oppose in the

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If writers on White's operation think it an object to dis-

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cation followed. Oftentimes the mildest cases proved most obstinate,

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here, but if a patient magnifies his own ills, or magnifies our service in

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seat of gnawing pain. Eight weeks after its appear-

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fact that they abstain from a meat dietary and live mostly

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Mikulicz* enumerates the indications as follows: (1) Extensive

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room interludes, for a brief five-minute examination

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tient had considerable frontal pain, and that he had com-

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the lung. After a few days' treatment, the sounds were

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from a pathological point of view, it can hardly be re-

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Abdomen. —The liver pale in colour, and very soft, weighed 3 lbs. 14 oz. A few

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Added to all this the hygienic surroundings were very bad. Yet after

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Dispensary. — J. A. Miller describes the special care given to

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of 106°. High fever in my judgment is not generally a

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unsoundness before or after the crime — when, in fact, the

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Attendance upon the lectures in hygiene is now compulsory.

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Mitra ^ says : " Contagion by inoculation is possible and often occurs ;

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with a syringe and a finely-pointed steel canula ; and 5th. By vapour.

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in a small bottle having a cork with a small camel's-hair

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and renewal of the squamae are not only different from

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quite fine enough for the latter under the low amplifications ; stop

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a morbid entity as infantile poliomyelitis. Some writers question whether many cases

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below the umbilical hernia. Now it runs from left to right, and is just

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Here was a case ! psora, syphilis, and sycosis (vaccination)

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years ago), for as many $200.00 graduate Scholarships as there were

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Thu annual Course of Lectures in this institution will commence on Thursday, Nov. 5, 1835, and

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This osteoclast is also very useful in effecting the reduction of flex-

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quarters of the upper surface are raised as bosses (Parrot's bosses). The

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exists and is contained in the thymus gland.' In the present article

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creased physiologic resistance. In this way the balance of

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