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These figures again prove the necessity of prompt adminis-
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The so-called *' antiseptic dressings" of Prof. Lister have
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remarkable for its ansemic condition (explicable by its putrefied
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especially of its tympanic ring at the time of birth, explains the
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disappeared and returned much too rapidly to be inflammatory. In
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this line of reasoning must not be carried too far, for, while it takes a
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in as normal a condition as possible, at the same time keeping
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ringing or buzzing noises in the ears ? No. Do you suffer with
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artery was divided, but no harm came from the acci-
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but the haemorrhage is apt to return frequently for
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The London Medical Societies commenced their sessions in
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more particularly. In the cylindrical cases the findings are less
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tal terror and agitation on her countenance, or rolling to and fro in the bed,
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Without anticipating the decision of the Council, the Committee believe that
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measures affecting the comfort of the patient, no further, and particu-
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at right angles to the long axis of the vagina. The
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a legitimate assumption that hypertrophy of some degree exists in many
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those wliich I sketched in an earlier portion of this paper,
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not deviate from the laws which govern it, and hence you did not see.
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talks indistinctly and his statements cannot be relied on ; says that since