The bacillus grows in the ordinary nutritive media. Its growth

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the passing off of the umbilical arteries. During later foetal life the

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darkened room. Cold water continued to be applied to the head, and


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Carter. Med. Chir. Trans. London, 1880, 2nd series, xlv. pp. 7, 148; and Trans.

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and that this increase has been specially marked during the more recent

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confusion of terms is, however, sanctioned by usage, and we may safely

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This, however, we hear is to be remedied, and with judicious manage-

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yet an animal rendered immune by specific inoculation from the infec-

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times there is lobar pneumonia or acute pleurisy; sometimes endo-

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they are congested, and leucocytes are being poured out into the mesen-

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instance, by comparing the dry climates of Tibet and Cashmere with

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any great extent, as it will be almost impossible to prevent the cicatrix

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urethra, persisting coarctation of long standing ; urine purulent, amnoo-

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tissue metamorphosis. But in phosphorismus the same result is not

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be attempted. The fever, if very high or continuous, may be controlled

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name given to a bacterial toxin apparently varies within certain limits

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brain, the intercellular fluid is coagulable lymph. When cells die from

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excrescences by pads made of several layers of lint, Avith a hole in the

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the crystal with salt solution; or again, we may pass into the tail a

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many of them trivial {e.g. colour of hair and eyes), and nonsensical {e.g.

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it ? " A similar premium, of the same value, wae at the same time awarded to Dr. Holmes for a dis-

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coil of the induction apparatus be used the consecutive waves of current

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£11 convertit en gelatine Testomac, et les intestins, donne une idee par-

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ing upon malaria, the paroxysms are generally periodical — passing ofF

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of her training. A woman who is scrupulously neat, in a suitable incon-

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later stages fatty. In advanced cases the tubes are devoid of epithelial

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5. That in addition to this power on the part of certain cells (the

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sure, is first reduced to such a state of atony and susceptibility, as to be

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removed twenty-four hours later may show no sign of migration of

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those muscles which are least under control, and which under emotion

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gate, Broadstairs, Ramsgate, St. Lawrence, Deal, Walmer and St. Marga-

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