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^Ziemann, H., Centralblatt j. Balder, Orig. Vol. XXXII, 1903.

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or functional paralysis of tedious labor or adherent placenta.

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She had tonics from the beginning, and daily a solution of bromide of potass.

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appearance of being thin and poor-. The appearance of thinness

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Assembly, designed to permit persons to practice medicine without showing

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and the stomach* This, upon being opened, was found to be partly

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discharge, and ulcers form extending down to the upper portion

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inflammation. These cases are attended with especial danger to life,

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apparently healthy. The parents were born, and had always lived,

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After the founding of oral schools in this country,

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ditions on which the affection is dependent are generally incurable, and

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those regions. Mr. N. was puking and purging excessively, and was