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Medical Gazette for June 15th, in which he says that the

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gatories they seem to oscillate. The officers of these regiments

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In illustration of the traumatic origin of meningitis the author

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In conclusion, what I wish to urge most strongly is that it is not

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was of fine physique and robust health. I cannot but think that the sup-

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usually denotes renal disease, either primary or secondary to circulatory

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yet not known, in operating on cases where non-interference would give

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with the female. The laws of procreation entail upon the

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small domestic animals, the results of which are as im-

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ceeded to perform a plastic operation to cover the opening.

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was a great blessing prior to the discovery of vaccination. But it contri-

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called NerToas Hypochondriac or Hysteric,'' a work which abounds with valuable clinical

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What convinces me, or at least leads me to hope, that

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and pour in the batter. Into this, place a few slices of cold

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and various parts of the body, several of which, as soon as they became soft, were

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sion. Without discussing all these points, I wish to say that

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solitary glands, and certain portions of the mucous membrane, whidi

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public, and duplication will be as common as in pho-

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can at once be withdrawn and its direction altered.

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tinues, with etforts to get out of bed, subsultus tendinum occurj*, tlu- ]iuiiie

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cases, but trust that sufficient details have been given to justify

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been studied with much earnestness and much practical

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ly painless; (4) there is no bleeding; (5) the patient

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communicating with another perforation lengthened from above

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Modern Surgery." After study at the Hotel Dieu he became an

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regard to the hypodermic injection of quinine for the

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Treatment. — Avoid any known cause of the condition,

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intestine, where it can be seen attached to the epithelium of the

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pyriform, ovoid or round, and varying from the size of a pin's head, or

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are of little service for the purpose under consideration, as they neither

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geal cavity if the nasopharyngeal cavity had to be invaded

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lected 33 diphtheria epidemics from the literature between 1895 and

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of April last a cow was purchased by H. E. Williams,


will be published in a future issue of Amei-ican Medicine.

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that full returns Avould probabl}^ indicate a condition Avorse than now

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