tical and phy.siological action, as to render distinctive

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approach a milligramme, and as the successful increase of dose without

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Lantern slides of a few of the microscopic sections were

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when food is given. Finally, most of the prolonged starvation experi-

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canal. The i^rincipal symptoms are : emaciation, notwithstanding an

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has beenfurnishedbj' Dr. P. A. 0'Connell,ina letter publi.shed in

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be regenerated when the degeneration was so extensive.

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ridges, outlining relatively translucent pits or depressions.

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be said. A council of medical solons, under national authority,

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painfully aware of weaknesses which would better be forgotten and

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cury from the earliest stage, (the first day,) of the

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catheter, with no obstruction to the catheter, and without

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ward and say — " We were badly treated ; we had a right to

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of two kinds — the clinical one of improving the hospital accommoda-

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order to determine the influence of mosquitoes on ma-

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the yellow fever exists: Plaquemine, La. ; Port Gib-

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done by small doses of a neurotic medicine in a disease so

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eral Paresis— Spinal Cord; Myelitis— Spine Dis-

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beat. The frequency of the beat ranges from a little below one

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What Constitutes Unchastity. — A curious point as

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and candidates for admission thereto as may he ordered be-

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was diffusely red and slightly edematous. At the position of the prick the

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bone; 6, inferior turbinate bone; 7, fossa of Rosenmiiller; 8, promontory of the tube; 9, pharyngeal

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country, the majority of the cases having the hystero-epileptic manifes-

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Thiele ; and these observers had succeeded in trans-

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to be advised. In the more favorable cases of paresis

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extended, and rotated outwards. The air rushes into the articular cavity^

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Triturate together until a perfectly homogeneous mass results.

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News, July 24, 1886, and a brief but most interesting paper, enti-

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Monroe. Dr. C. E. Secor, of Monroe, graduate of Wisconsin College of

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remains for the reviewer to say that a new edition is

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ward and forming the socalled Riedel lobe. A gallblad-

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the left groin, which continued unabated notwithstanding the

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cation, therefore, dilution is necessary, and this is easily ac-

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fited by the drug, and the second those that receive

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not so important to determine the exact location of the