to the request preferred by the Committee. The Council suggests to

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press saturated in one per thousand solution of sublimate.

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toothache and ague in the face, and was surprised at the speedy relief of all pain.

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1842. ..54. Letter to the Right Honourable Sir James Graham, enti-

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was very excessive, of specific gravity 1002. I ordered the following to

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fowls inoculated three months before did not appear virulent ; some-

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together by transuded liquid ; in long-haired dogs it forms a felted

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return of lameness after operation, and the removal of this secondary

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with the Acts of Tarliament and instrtictions consistent therewith in

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done to the larynx ; or I thought it just possible that the coin was

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hasmoglobinuric urine. During the night the symptoms disappeared.

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to ■ do ordinary work for a long time without showing serious dis-

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Operation was attended by considerable haemorrhage, which was con-

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end of io8 days. In these four post-mortem examination showed

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I then ordered her to resume the shower-baths ; but she so resisted this,

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audible (though less clearly) towards the apex and along the course of

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was dilated to the size of a man's middle finger, filled with fluid, and

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Professor, "there can be no opposition made to our aiding in the na-

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It will be observed that the number of deaths in each year is very

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