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Their diminutive 2mg stature is attested. How much of a horse's comfort depends on a well-made well-fitting saddle, a properly adjusted rein, bit, and bridle, and the true setting of his harness horses alone can tell; and we doubt not, had they been gifted with speech, their" tailors in leather" would have heard of many a cruel misfit, whence" galls,"" raws,"" sitfasts," from saddles, abscesses on the tongue, and injuries of both upper and lower jaws by the barbarous tightness of dose the bearing-rein, aud the ill-made, ill-seated discomforts damaging to the health, beauty, and temper of the horse arise from harness badly made or carelessly adjusted and put on. Name - after an interval of two months a third application of the galvano-cautery was made in the same position as on the first occasion. Mg - there is some evidence that the size of the dose determines the incidence of damage, rather than duration of therapy, and therefore the dose should be the minimum dose consistent with the requirement. Here, then, cometh consolation: with the begetting of idiots the last link in the process of degeneration is made, since sterility steps cvs in as kindly fate and prevents further propagation of the degenerate species. Members of is Branches are requested to pay the same to their respective Secretaries.

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