delusion, but not infrequently of a blind unreasoning impulse ; the means

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appears to be the least numerous class of defect, and the least frequent

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Dr. Maudsley asserts that this condition may precede or replace an

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Causes. — The remarks made under the sub-head "Diffuse Sclero-

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patches are scanty, the functions go on normally, but as the eruption

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quet, J. R., and J. A. Cones. "Age in Relation to the Treatment of Melancholia,"

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0.2 ml into the first tube, 0.4 ml into the second, etc.

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as a constant feature, and yon Petersen and G. T. Elliot have recorded

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minds ? Such beliefs were as real to them as the ghosts of

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Keloid," Vierteljahrsschr. fur Derm. Wien, 1880. — 26. Simon, J. Report in Clin. Soc.

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roughly the outer, upper, and inner quadrants, while the 5th covers the

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the inunction the flannel coverings should be carefully adjusted. The

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professional interests, paid him frequent visits. Mead's

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daughter a most fit, and even desirable, match for the man

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resemblance to certain of the encysted forms of these lowly organisms.

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the eruption is well developed. In general there is no serious disturbance

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he used to be, but in nervous vigor, irony, logic, and satire

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his elevation to an Irish barony — was an apothecary before

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those of this disease. The prognosis, however, is often very favourable.

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Burns," Brit. Med. Journ. vol. ii. p. 651 ; 12th September 1896.

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tion which were scarcely at the disposal of our forefathers in physic.

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Yet there has never been any confusion with regard to H.

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testicles give rise to defective general development. Such are certain

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each succeeding pregnancy. The chloasma of sterile women often under-

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the frequency of the association of the disease with rheumatism ; but in

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and coffee-houses with the tongue that would have done him

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tions during the act of mastication. This interfered very seriously with the

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report the successful treatment of sexual perversion, including cases of

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injected specimens, that the venous legs of the loop, and indeed the

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such as occurs so commonly on the chin of women ; and the only per-

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over large surfaces, or, more commonly, restricted to particular

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meins of treatment, it should be adopted only for good and sufficient

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iness when, driven from his college and fallen on evil days,

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political movement rendered ever memorable by the "Si-