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Case T. .A Polish woman, thirty-five years of age, was
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RETARY of Commission ; Prof. A. E. Kennelly, Professor of Elec-
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rasthenia," where the entire picture is psychologi-
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Hali.idav, Charles H.. Lieutenant, Medical Reserve Corps.
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$100,000 Gift to the German Hospital and Dispensary.
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Treatment local only. 0.3 gramme "606," May 6, 1910.
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amount of ether necessary to attain the desired end."
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Medicine, held on October 17th, Dr. Benjamin A. Thomas
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During this period of freedom from chills no parasites
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pearance of a positive reaction as an indication for
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Figure 5. The manner of completing the closure of the deficiency shown in Fig. 5.
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4, atrophic rhinitis ; the first three of which are dif-
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Ulcers of the Lungs. It opens the Obstructions of all the
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tute one of the most satisfactory classes of patients
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sist on the same points and to demonstrate the cor-
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10. Barker. Journal of the Royal Army Medical Corps,
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formed, no lieading of ribs. E.xamination of heart nega-
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manuscripts may either be sent there or to Professor A.
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secretary. Dr. P.. S. Bickelhaupt; corresponding secretary.
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the best results. There is some difference of opin-
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the cancer material is ground as finely as possible
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Fauntleroy, a. M., Surgeon. Detached from the Naval
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sults with those obtained after the use of ice cream
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older writers, the study of the pulse in typhoid fever
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psychic development, as is notably illustrated in the
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2, cohabitation ; and, 3, opportunity of meeting of
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vice-president, Dr. J. W. Le Seur, of Batavia-, New York;
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lation. Those which remained typical rose spots faded in