especially. These tremors disappear at once on volun-
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non-naturals will excite the disease. There are exceptions, undoubt-
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practice of surgery, in any of its bearings, to understand thoroughly
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in from 3 to 10 hours — that it can seldom be studied.
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bath and all other remedies failing to produce any relief, the lady
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retroflexed and held by dense inelastic adhesions and shorten-
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of the pulmonary vessels has thus been made. A channel for the injection
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In four hours a local reaction began with pain, swelling, heat, and
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to make the United Kingdom and the remainder of Europe his
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is not often necessary, local anesthesia being usually
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3 pints per diem being given in the more severe, and 4 pints in the
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* Handbueh der Kinderkrankheiten : Herausgegeben von Dr. C. Gerhardt.
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his chapter on forceps he speaks in general terms of that instrument,
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of the irregularities were observed in patients who, at the time,
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bull. This culture also showed a delay in the appearance of the
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and also the possibility that misplacement of the heart, owing to pleural
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avoidance of buried sutures of silk, with the possibility of
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er, has continually infested mankind, until the present hour. The hon-
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IV. Urethral stricture — Retention — Catheterism — Rigors —
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and another of an obscure disease, very similar in its symp-
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could be palpated. The chest and lungs were normal. The
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pneumograph showed peculiar block-like variations which by careful
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I proposed to give an emetic to cleanse the stomach ; but she
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may be illustrated by preparations and drawings. Jaek-
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as redundant, and as including symptoms such as the ** alterius
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the epigastrium. This affection is excluded by the absence of its diag-
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be addressed, poAt-poaf. It is also published in Monthly Parts, on the 1st of every month, each Paj^
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Inoculation ExperimonU.— The first thought that oc-
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different from the course observed in p.soriasi.s, which only clears up
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mass in the outer gum is much softer, and perhaps less
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first volume of the '' Medico-Chirurgical Transactions." A per-
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the number and size of the mercurial globules found
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physician may attempt to evaluate all the significant factors
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President of the Section of Diseases of Children of
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" A homoeopathic physician is one who adds to his knowl-