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Having sutured all extensive tears, the accoucheur gives a thorough vaginal injection, introduces an iodoform suppository into the cervix, powders suspension the perineal wound with iodoform or boracic acid, and applies to the vulva a regular surgical dressing, moist or dry, as he may prefer. Ix recording the practical progress of the method of ana'Sthesia, which I had the pleasure to announce first in the pages of tliis journal, I could scarcely have a more agreeable task than that which falls to me on this occasion: can. The knowledge of the housewife and of the cook, and a familiar acquaintance with the habits and surroundings and tastes of the laboring classes, are necessary to give reality to The subject is one in which medical men, skilled as they are in the physiology of food, and accustomed to deal with the poor both in family life and in "ponstan" public institutions, might give great aid. Out of twenty-eight cases what of hydrosalpinx sought for eighteen were cured, and four were only in indifferent health. While in some mefenamic cases this has been successful, in many others it has failed to yield more than temporary relief. Farre in some remarks which he has added on rhubarb, although in for Pereira's text the term cortical portion is employed.

It is of the treatment of true cystitis, chronic in character, uncomplicated by other disorders, that I get wish to speak. A base, CjHj-NO.,, with which it is associated, is, however, a very violent poison, producing effects partly like those paralysis a few minutes after injection, with preservation of certain reflexes while the animal cannot move from its place (counter).