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Adams. Samuel Hoppus, M.D. Lond , M.R.C.S., appointed Medical Officer

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haired woman of medium height, who appeared to have gone

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Dresden Conference, France will shortly send invitations to

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then a gradual return of the vomiting and afterwards of the

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of the Throat, Th., 2.30 ; Dental Cases, W., 2. Oiieraiion Day.—

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and Cat.; P. Langdon-Down, B.A. , Trin.; C. E. M. Lewis, B A., Joh •

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which it is proposed to introduce into the existing quarantine-

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cations to the Secretary, at the office, 24, Finsbury Circus, E.C., by

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American Jottings. — A Bill has been introduced into the

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the slightest benefit, while reduced iron improved lier condition at onoe.

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Five months were spent in visiting asylums in various locali-

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ending in a cone-shaped cap to prevent entrance of rain. Two

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alkaline juices of the duodenum, they dissolve and liberate

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efliciency are often to be noted in published inquests, and

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(R) Mr. C. B. Renshaw, London ; Dr. J. Robertson, St. Helen's ; Mr. J.

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my ability I cleansed both myself and my instruments and

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for Sick Children, Glasgow ; Honorary Librarian to the Faculty of

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were in many instances eaten into holes by the sewer gas,

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private practice, are possibly not approved by the county

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attendant of the suflerer who he may— it is the imperative duty of a

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charity in the out-patients of hospitals, and the extension of

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2 lbs. or 3 lbs. in the twenty-four hours ; and as this ad-

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matter for the consideration of the authorities of the oflending

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with which the Scottish Universities Commissioners are

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of things has only got to be known to be set right, and we'

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lymph from the cows. There was in the Times of that day a

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(2.4.5 P.M.) The usual business of the annual meeting. Notice of resolution

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poor, and that no blame should avtach to a wise and discriminating ex-

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malady, though they are, perhaps, apt to be rather more con-

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2. Special cases sent to various special departments,

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We have said that there were 406 cases of small-pox in

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refuse, and described an invention of his own for the purpose.

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and Manchester Industrial Assurance Society was moved by

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blue black and logwood. Micioseopical examination showed an area of

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that purpose have been carried, he is likely to remain a victim to the

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of a return, under any circumstances, to the prophylaxis of

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our use of the tix collector is made a charge against us.

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have produced actual and general leprosy in animals are

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the removal of the ofFendirg organ — the appendix. I first

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opened, the liquid which has passed inside of the filter b runs

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