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rous as those in health. They are also said in par-
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let us see what these are. They may be thus recapitulated:
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two distinct exacerbations occurring daily. The remissions sometimes recur
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Iransactions of the American Medical Association. He
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Cerebral and pulmonary embolism and pulmonary edema
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in porsor\ to tlio coiiiniandinj: otlicor, Fort Clark, itxas, for
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number of cases of contagious diseases which are constantly
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fully time that a simple statement of the facts really known
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the United States of patients who would otherwise be
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former ulcers, and sometimes scar-tissue will have contracted
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present at the beginning of the life-cycle in the red blood corpuscle,
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%*Any of these works will be mailed, post-free, to any part of the United
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uted by the Department of which Lieutenant Taylor was a member,
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geons ; and by Mr. Simon, medical officers to prevent the sometimes unpleasant effects
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better. This morning he felt cold and became drowsy, his fever rose, and one-
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struck at once with the deformity and disproportion of the enormous
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Let us shortly consider what the underlying conditions for
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cord, the arms are paralysed, and in addition vomiting, hiccough,
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hat every trace of tuberculosis might be detected. None of the lots
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liable to occur than after the use of other caustics or of the
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his two hands, so as to keep the flaps together. The surgeon then disposes
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so as to remove all of the sediment. This leaves the perfectly clear fluid
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Communications should be addressed to The Journal of
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tents arises. It is a moot point whether it should be allowed to take its
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to ignore this venous hicmorrhage, and cut into the trachea, feel-
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indicated the peripheral nature of the affection, and he sug-