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not operated upon. She had been under observation as an

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chronic intrauterine catarrh, especially when its ending is as

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culus. Sixteen years ago he had lateral lithotomy performed,

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have made the most important contribution of the century to

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his recent lecture, it may be interesting to point out that there

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consequence of the suppression by the executive of a notice

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when removed, the mere fact that he did not protest amounted to noth-

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placement of the uterus, but in many other cases cystocele

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water, and the edges stitched to the abdominal wound. Drainage. No-

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put forward by Dr. Tibbits's counsel that the article in cen-

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diagnosis was only to be made by taking a broad view, and

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Buchner, and others. But they have led me into another

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and dangerous varieties of both colubrine and viperine rep-

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fracture of the lower extremity that he had examined, the foot

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his open heartedness, and the kindly feeling he always dis-

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some length, and time will, I fear, not suffice to enter upon

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Metropolitan Counties Branch : Western District.— A meeting of

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"proof" by the Pasteur method. We, on the other hand,

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the subcutaneous tissues, but also in many other connective

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cal Journal of Febi-uary 18th. page 'M3, col. i, last line, for " The Presi-

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Mr. Smallpbice said it was only a few years ago that, after

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easily delivered, with the head coming last, followed in half

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resorts, and there will be an extension in this direction when

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been introduced in the Massachusetts Legislature, and de-

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De. Keith (Driffield).- The Deutsche mcdicinische K'ochenschrijl is pub-

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tificates have been made obligatory by law for sanitary in-

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GORDOS, William, M.B., B.C.Canta'o., M.R C.P.Lond., Physician to the

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sion. A large hard mass was felt in the abdomen a little to

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Japanese Sanitary Association. Professor S. Kitasato has been

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doubt and suspicion is cast on ligures which give results of this sort, and

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vical sympathetic. Electrical examination unsatisfactory on ni'count of

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patients are in such a condition as would forbid any pro-

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Hospital for Sick Children, Great Orraond Street, 4 p.m —

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bedclothes. Note : The powder to be effective should not be kept longer

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ing." From other passages in Egyptian wiiting, we learn that these xar-

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London; Dr. Smith, Great Grimsby; Mr. J. Bland Sutton, London;

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sation, we understand that the terms of the answer do not

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The post-mortem examination gives a full explanation of the clinical

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duties ought not to be undertaken except by qualified per-

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pendently of all organisation, such living matter was beyond

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tion, it acts like fibrin ferment, and causes a rapid formation

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been found only in cancer, and whicli multiplied with con-