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DISEASES OF THE BRONCHI. P.v Dr. E. A. Hofi-mann, of T.eijisic. DIS-
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list of papers bearing upon the pharmacological action of the thy-
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In 1882 Reverdin observed, after total extirpation of the thyroid body, mucous
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essentially bene6ted by the use of emetics. What is the rationale of
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anterieure du calcaiieum. Ibid., 1890, xxix, 165, 1 pi. —
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in the left side, usually involves the pericardium of the heart in
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In this connection a communication was received from the New York
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1 the disease returned within a year; the other 2 are living. In other diseases,
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the most observant of the profession. The London Medical Gazette
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that day. Of course the illness may continue much longer pro-
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ried quietly by the stomach, but act on the intestinal canal, produc-
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art. "Tic," 1887. 62. HAMMOND. Med. Rec. N.Y. 1892, xli. p. 236. 63. HARE.