abdomen. In a few days I met Dr. William Hill, the leading surgeon

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The microscopic examination was not made, but there can be little

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listened to. But it is needless for me to inquire into all the causes

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Of these there is a large number, giving all the leading

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the cervix is torn and requires repair ? If they are similar

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Fcetal head too long delayed in pelvis during labor, from inefficient

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walls, including everything except the mucosum, and put-

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mania, or demonolatria (demon-worship). It will be interest-

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disease is due to an unstable condition of the blood brought about by

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takes place in five to eight days, and hence advised that

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ed, act by a tonic property, we can easily account for the cures ascribed

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passed before perfect respiration was established, but the child,

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ignorant. This difficulty has been recently obviated to a con-

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Hartford, Conn., the well known and highly esteemed

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8. Am. — It is difficult to prove that infection is ever carried by the

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Second Eommination. — To be passed two years after having

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Significant weight loss is a common occurrence in the

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every dispensary and clinic, and published weekly for the

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" The bed containing the patient having been slid into

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nails is ridged and irregular, and beneath them there are soft, dirty, evil-

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medical profession men of the best minds, who would be

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*Note: In some patients any level of exogenous estrogen or

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of the disease, and disappearing in the two cases that

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in the cities as of those in the towns and country dis-

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Until Koch follows the spores into the air, and dis-

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The disease occurs in the lower animals as crusta lahicdis,

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organic structures. It should be remembered also that it requires