that any member should say he was willing to give the building away. I maintain that is
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qualified, by experience and training to fill the responsible position to which
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ending in brisk vomiting. The attack was short, lasting in all
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at the Trull Hospital, in which Dr. N. W. Emerson, of Boston, and
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Council in Committee of the Whole. Dr. Barrick in the chair.
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The April number of the American Magazine contains the following
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of their children, put his hands on them, remark on their physical develop-
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shall have to vote against the amendment and in favor of the motion.
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present demands from matriculants. The present matriculation is vastly different from what
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dollars for the building. Only a short time ago we offered the building to Mr. Ramsay for
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sensory tracts to the central nervous system and thence reflected
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($1.78) per page, and that the work was done satisfactorily.
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the building afforded opportunity for the treatment of the cases
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ments he got, $18 ; that after the first week he was attended by Dr. Clark, and that Dr.
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and by physicians in consultation, and by very many most intelligent patients
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own resources, which made for independence and self reliance,
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times during that fourth year to let you see whether there is any
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Materia Medica and a pleasing speaker. His appointment should
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dividual that his desire should be for a grade, of normality most
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report of the Canadian Medical Association in 1896, and it seems to have been ado])ted by
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Dr. Douglas — I bow to the ruling of the chair. But at the same time, while 1 do so, I
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teria with some indifferent chemical agent as galactose, as a
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On admission, a poorly nourished old man who looked his age. Moderate
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tion should therefore be preceded by some warming- process
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the cost will be within his means. A strict weight of the patient
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the treasurer. I shall request that you all rise in your places
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Dr. Arthur H. Ring became associate editor with Dr. Watters
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knowledge of the exciting cause, because it was one that had
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Dr. Spalding's article on Radium in this number of the Gazette was probably
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his right foot if supported, or could get hold of some object, as
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almost always enough; and if it be slow in approaching you have
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she has so far carried in a state of suspended development, and
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along the line of like action or similarity. He was as much sur-
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which were mentioned by Gull (1858) and Delamarre (1866;, and
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complained of have due notification when these reports will be considered by the Council,
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which are taking place throughout the United States among the Homoeopathic
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which finds its highest expression, perhaps, in the English schools, namely,
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11. Executive Committee. — That the Executive Conmiittee shall take cognizance of an
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her condition as follows : "For two months severe headache and
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for the permanent alleviation of menstrual pain than electricity.
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was Dr. E. Stillman Bailey's demonstration of the presence of
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adult human body.. . y,^ . ,, ^,' ; ,,, - .^ * . j ; ; •,
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