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cating with the urethra back of the stricture have been established,

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see the muscles beginning to quiver, and by a little further extension

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years. After taking specialized training in the field

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erected, and about $100,000 will be expended. It will be a

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meter, which, while impressive as olFice ornaments,

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the disease may sometimes undergo a remission ; in most cases it would

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which I quote : " They all show the presence of nitri-

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arising from it, and a great loss of blood. During the vital energy of youth both

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1510: Wide distribution over Europe. Direction in general from south

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These operations are a great improvement on the old plan of

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numerous small seeds which yield a fixed oil. These

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bite of the tarantula, prevailed in Italy. Under another name it

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division of the fifth, and not to the facial or portio dura nerve. This

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cold water is indicated. Finally, in the third and chronic

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Bones of the Knee. — These bones are eight in number,

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Report of Treasurer, Chas. F. Bowen, Ph. C, M. D., Colum-

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numbers of maggots were lying. Injections of carbolic acid were ordered

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ment for the more serious of the affections above enumerated.

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fight tuberculosis, as long as he lives. Psychoneurotics

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generation. In this book, A Miracle and a Privilege, Dr.

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Noyember 5, 1854. The Physicians and Surgeons offered a


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Finally, of stimulants it is averred that the harm which they do

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secondary to catarrhal (caseous) pneumonia, to chronic bronchitis,

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affected is described as a " living skeleton." A condition which is probably

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servations furnished by Serjeant J. W. Smith, of the United

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though not necessarily limited to these in its ulterior development, com-