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Professional practice at the Namkham Hospital is intensive, widely varied and often rare to Western

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titrated upward until blood pressure is controlled or to a maximum of 40 mg daily.

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have been mentioned. One naturally inquires, then, what

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ing the digestive power of these diastatic agents. This

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weight whatever attaches to that part of the Bill's parentage.

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doubt, many of the published reports of such cases are but the

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important factors in the production of mental deficiency in the

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Resolved, That the Homoeopathic Medical Society of Northern New

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Grassi, Bastiauelli, Bignami, and Dionisi have been making a

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The abdominal cavity was filled with dark fluid blood

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father came down from the pulpit she was at his side tugging at his

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King and Queen's College of Physicians in Ireland. Illus-

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"1 have believed and urged," remarks Dr. S., "that not a few soldiers who

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sensory disturbance. It is noticed that the infant does not use

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epilepsy, but repeated lumbar punctures cause them to disr

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