area. We are certain there are many other cases that
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tender, while the general health is more or less wrecked.
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a catheter can not be passed at the first trial, place the patient in
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another attack began in the same way, when, with the removal
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Pnannacopceia has been clearly understood by its Com-
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(1) Behind the placenta, the whole of which is separated except its edges.
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ears was practically quite negative, a slight dry catarrh was found, but
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the relative mortality from diseases of the respiratory organs in town
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operation under prolonged anesthesia. There was 1°
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denials, by procuring a sample of the urine, and adding to it a few drops of the
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and seriously affect infants than adults, and it would seem
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of the deep-seated viscera. The surgeon should therefore be on
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from the time when he was first taken. His brother, a boy aged 13 years,
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M. S. From three to six months of age, gr. vi.; from six
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leishmania-like form. We had observed in one case that a
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the author's, and others' tables and observations sup-
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plants will grow rapidly suspended in air ; besides, the minute plumuia of
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the nipples to the groin for two hours, morning and evening, and giving three
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of acute inflammation. One-half of it was adherent, having, by
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city, out of two hundred and fifty, they were present in
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a greater production and elimination of bilirubin, leading to an
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Chir.. Berl., 1895, xxxiv, pt. 2, 686-705. . Beitrage
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more than one degree difference in the rectal temperature taken
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cataract in both eyes some time before corning under
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two hours, with excellent effect; and can fully support its recom-
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are actually not only recommended to do this, but are allowed
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brain and spinal cord until they are surcharged, and at the first
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retain more than a definite amount ? AVe find it oozing- from the ca-
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