nent symptom in all the forms of this disease, and which
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artery. 13. Sterno-cleido-mastoideus (reflected). 14. Common carotid artery
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of the corpora quadrigemina on one side causes dilatation of
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the impression of the poison upon the sensorium ; so that after more or less
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to place before this assembly a series of arguments
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has epileptic fits ; and I am disposed to attribute the
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right vesicle from the ureter, but the portion near the prostate
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face. b,% Osseous deposit, in- ^ Simple sphut, when uot causmg
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Muir as to Cephalonia, Mr. Goodison as to Zante, and Mr. Boyle
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intestinal tract ; that these nerves seem powerless to discharge
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ically characteristic symptom. It is in this sense that I suggest
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be provoked and perpetuated by dacryocystitis, stricture
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the uses of which are to move the eye and hold it in place. At the
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Medical Society offers a prize of Si 00 for the best essay
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day ; the older and more worldly-minded painter put
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plants to the short and high frequencies or ultra-violet rays.
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from them it appears that there exists in the alveolar wall a plexus of lymph
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ot laurel, a tribute which Sir Douglas valued most highly. He was a
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of adding a few dollars to their fixed salaries, would open
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for approval that grade of certificate needed to include any sub-
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predisposed to it. It is also the result of violence after
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Secondary haemorrhage, «two cases (Souchon, Solly).
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bronchial affections, la grippe and its sequel, as well as chronic neurosis, clinical
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The ordinary note over the lung is resonant, loud, not tympanitic.
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The Anti-adulteration Act, which was passed by the Legislature
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In considering the matter of the local treatment of
enough So^^ alcohol through the filter paper to make
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to be insecure, and the patient attempts to improve it
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Internal Anatomy.— The internal anatomy has been carefully
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Bureau, which is presumed to be scientific truth without
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7r(j)/«'H he desires to raise and emancipate. But would hegive
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induce labor at once than to wait. Occasionally no hem-
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the time to operate in appendicitis. The writer re-
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actually exists, the idea seems to me impracticable.