cells. Insufficiency of the thymus may cause changes in the bony system some-
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spleen, and kidneys, and in them the protozoon-like bod-
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This effusion, the fatty condition of the heart substance and the depressed
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Capt. C. K. Winne, Asst. Surgeon, ordered to Ft. Wadsworth,
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and purification; diseases produced by impure water,
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rarely. 'ITiere were never any evidences of pain. The
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head had recurred frequently, and had lat- the anterior margin of the right lobe of the
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Case III. — A lawyer, 35 years of age, had used spirits
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pelves that any benefit can be looked for, and the neces-
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The thin gray scales are composed of epithelial detritus, mycelium,
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(6) Gummata. — These may be seen in congenital cases (chiefly the miliar}'
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in order to remove obstructions. This division is purely
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in children. I have often tried to overcome it; I have tried all kinds of
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before the third month of pregnancy, if the;^,^^ ^^^.^^^ ^^^^^^ ^^^ ^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^^^^
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of the globules and separation from the serum. It stood in a graduated
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patient. And the unwisdom of sending cases of advanced
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ways yielded to large doses of assafcetida ; and in one case, in
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be seen also, and presently the figure disappeared. ^ Considering the matter
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(2,) There should be a disinfecting or sterilizing room fitted with a
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About 47 per cent, of the deaths were among children of
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quautity of blood from the bowels ; it was blackish in colour. At that
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appear to be unnecessarily tedious, but when you call to mind that the
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which constituted an offense against the — Momburg and \'olland (Deutsche
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surface of the heart be abnormally exposed; moreover, the second pulmonic sound
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and, in the mean time, he had regained his accustomed apparent health.
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('Guy's Hosp. Kcp.,' 1856). A young man, after walking twent3--eight
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and offer nature the occasion to effect the spontaneous
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and highest brain centers gives one much respect for the possi-
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treatment. The t}q:>e adherent to the pancreas have been especially
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trouble which kept him awake the greater part of the
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urethra, and that it is not necessary in many cases to
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which it could be freely moved about, and it is prob-
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tained one part of adrenalin to 10,000 parts of normal
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object to is the paragraph wherein he asserts that he